AllisonCastNets are made with the lightest and strongest monofilament to keep sink rate high with less effort in casting, an important feature for people fishing more than just a few hours at a time ...important too for our seniors!

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David Allison

I make custom nets to your liking and to your specifications. Priority specifically given for fast sink rates & ease of use in shallow or deep, fresh or salt waters.

Mullet nets are excellent for silver and black mullet, and just in time for fall roe mullet. Regardless of your intended catch, having a net made specifically for your catch will insure more hours fishing with less effort.

David Allison

AllisonCastNets are made with 8 panels and 11 selvage meshes per panel in the head providing the feel of 10 panels, yet having 88 meshes in the head providing a real nice umbrella opening in lieu of opening flat.

This allows the lead-line to sink ahead helping sink rate without fish escaping easily. Most commercial nets are 5-6 panel, and open flatter. Brail arrangement and number makes a difference in how the net throws and ease of use. AllisonCastNets have more brails allowing superb closure without losing fish.

Compared to typical store bought nets, my nets are softer, gather smaller in hand, not bulky, hangs lighter and telegraphs better with the cast, while maintaining strength. This is due to the high quality limp monofilament of a smaller diameter instead of the thicker, stiff, milky white store bought nets.

  • Hand Made: Cut from highest quality gill netting available. Material is double salvage top & bottom, double knotted #139 0.40 mm soft, limp clear monofilament with sewn and stitched double knot seams.

  • Custom Made! To your specifications:

    • Type or Style: Cast Nets come in two different types; the Brail (English) net and the Bag (Spanish) net

    • Net Size: The Radius of Cast Net length in feet. Bait & Mullet Nets from 6 to 15 feet.

    • Mesh Size: Mesh is measured stretch mesh, the length of the mesh pulled closed and measured from knot to furthest knot, i.e. a 1/2" by 1/2" square mesh would be a 1" stretch mesh.

    • Lead Weight: Cast Net price includes one pound per foot radius of net size, i.e. a 10 foot net would include 10 pounds of lead. Choose the type of lead you want; round tubular, football., and stiffness of lead-line.

    • Hand-line Length: 24 to 50 feet and more. You specify length for your application. Comes in 1/4" and 5/16" thicknesses and various colors.

Check it out! ...if it's anything less it's not handmade. Each net is serial numbered and tracked to original owner. There is no better satisfaction than opening up a full circle on a school of mullet and seeing the water explode ...WOW! Honestly, you get what you pay for ...

A Pink Cast Net A regular white cast net